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You arrived in a strangely abandoned suburban area and want to call out for help. Find a way to call for help, but be careful.


WASD - Move
Left Mouse - Interact
F - Flashlight
ESC - Quit
ALT+Return - Fullscreen Toggle


Way too much for a prototype. I did not optimise the settings or assets for old PCs. You might need something like a gaming PC. Sorry. :3

Tested on a Ryzen 5x, 16GB RAM, RTX Video Card, Windows 10.


This prototype was made for the https://itch.io/jam/super-casual-game-jam-2 game jam. I used a lot of assets from the store in Unity3D and glued them together with many scripts from my previous projects in roughly 20 hours. The main goal was to build a small puzzle system for future games and a system for spooky background events.


Q: Why is the file in 7z format?
A: Well, itch.io likes files under 1GB, and 7z did that. Zip was over that.

Q: Is it spooky?
A: It is—a bit.

Q: What was your fastest time?
A: 176 seconds.


Walkthrough - Spoiler Alert!

You have to enable the radio in the house at the end of the street on the first floor. The radio requires power that can be activated by five fuses found in every building. Put them into the fusebox in the basement of the building with the radio. Once all five slots are green, use the radio. That's it.

  1. One fuse is directly by the radio.
  2. One fuse is on a fridge.
  3. One is in a bath tube.
  4. One is hidden behind a washing machine.
  5. One is hidden in the garage shelves.
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TagsHorror, Prototype, Singleplayer


super-casual-game-jam-2.7z 765 MB

Install instructions

You will need 7z to unpack the game files to your disk. After that, just start the game with the super-casual-game-jam-2.exe.


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No-commentary playthrough

I like the vibe of the lonely neighborhood and the music you used. Hope to see you expand upon the idea with perhaps a more menacing villain. Good luck!

Thanks a lot for playing the game! I certainly get the hang of working on those background systems. Maybe I will find some more time for that game in the future! Also, thanks a lot for the gameplay video. I enjoyed it! Cheers! :3